It's time to invest in updating our work for the future, the future of production is just around the corner, it's time to restructure and convert our know-how into a teaching really deep and well to the young generation, the process of how to conceive not just how to perform, in the near future of the robots will perform, indeed they are already performing, but they will never be able to have the creativity to conceive a brilliant idea, as we humans have.

Andrea Dichiara & Yoshiko Dichiara

The Function Is The Matrix Of Project.

Offering a consultancy service of Design Art Direction. Design project for selected for companies, from 1972. Fulfilling his philosophical project, which includes strategies for the identification of products and planning of colours, material and finishes.
Participated in various design Exhibition, including B&B Sity, Young & Design, Interieur 88 Belgio, Neanderthal logic-Noto, Bar Metals, Mondials New Line Fashion, T70 Alcamo.
"Oggetti per l", "Eternità", "Bici d' Autore-Cinelli", "Un Cuore per Amico”-Triennale di Milano.
AY TOKYO designed furniture, complementary furnishings, objects for technical use, designed 300 interiors of fashion stores across Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and England) for Pret a Porter brands, and private houses, bar, restaurants, also in USA (New York), Egypt (Cairo) and Jordan(Hamman) and concept design for houses for a building company (Tokyo - Itochu) in Japan. Andrea Dichiara from 2003 at 2005 A.D. he was the Director and Master Teacher of Industrial Design Course at Istituto Statale of Art "Edgardo Mannucci" of Ancona, Italia. Teaching as Professor in Product Design at IDAS - Hongik University in Seoul, from 2006 till 2015. June 2009 A.D. has terminated the project and supervisor of work for all interior design of the new Italian Embassy in Seoul - South Korea. Organizing and making interior projects for several exhibitions and workshop with some design university in Japan, South Korea for F.lli Guzzini, Guzzini light, Tod’s and other Italian famous companies.
In the 1998 A.D. with partners received the IF Design Award Hannover, Award Good Design Chicago for designing an electronic music keyboard for Japanese company KORG. mod. is 40 / is 50